Home Solar Energy Systems & Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Affordable Home Solar Systems That Save Utility Bills

Solar systems are actually quite simple and affordable. I provide professional solar consultation to help you select a solar energy system that's both right for your home, and budget friendly. This can substantially reduce your utility bills and even bring you returns by contributing electricity back into Idaho Power's grid.

Home Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging stations for your electric car are not as easy to spot around Boise as gas stations. Take that worry away with the hassle free installation of a charging station right at your residence. Both small and attractive looking, you'll rest easy having a charging station at your convenience.

Realtime Energy Monitors To Reduce Power Consumption

Understanding your power usage is key to reducing your electricity consumption. I install power monitoring devices that track your power consumption in realtime, helping you pinpoint unnecessary appliances and activities to save energy. These monitors are inexpensive and have a great return in energy savings!

Free Estimates For Your Electrical Project

Need an estimate or have questions about your electrical project? Call or fill out the form and I'll respond promptly!

Green Energy Fact

Unlike conventional electricity, Solar Energy is a renewable resource that is inexhaustible.
A solar system can reduce your household's carbon footprint by an average of 35,000 pounds per year. That's like planting 88 trees every year!
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